CTL Audiovisual School announces the II European Audiovisual Creation Competition "CTL 59 seconds” with the following RULES:

1. - Participants

The competition is open to any person over 16 years old with nationality and / or residence in Europe, who presents ,either individually or in group, works with a maximum length of 59 seconds (credit titles included).Works must not exceed this time. All works must be original.
The aim of the EUROPEAN AUDIOVISUAL CREATION COMPETITION "CTL 59 SECONDS" is to spread, promote and encourage the implementation of video art works. It is aimed at students, hobbyists and profesionals who want to publicize, in person and on -line, audiovisual works that have artistic and technical value with a maximum duration of 59 seconds. The topic of the videos (development of a thematic idea or story line) will be free choice and its content may have fiction or documentary nature. The Jury will particularly take into account originality, creativity and visual conceptual and formal experimentation, of the works.
This contest was created to spread the artistic intent through video creation, considering as artistic intention all that is not merely communicative or informative, but which adds experimental, formal, poetic, philosophical content to the audiovisual creation in itself, using technical, grammatical, conceptual and aesthetic resources .

Contest participants will have nationality and / or residence credited in any of the 51 states, territories and

regions in Europe , namely:

a) All the 28 members of the EU : Austria , Belgium , Bulgaria , Cyprus , Czech Republic , Denmark , Estonia , Finland, France , Germany , Greece , Hungary , Ireland, Italy, Latvia , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Malta , Netherlands, Poland , Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and Croatia;

b ) Countries with institutional and cultural relations with the EU: Iceland , Liechtenstein , Norway , Switzerland and Bosnia Herzegovina.

c) Candidates to join the EU (Turkey and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), and those countries that benefit from the pre-accession EU : Bosnia , Serbia ( including Kosovo ), Albania and Montenegro.

d) Eastern European Countries not belonging to the EU (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova) , the three Baltic republics and autonomous republics and Caucasus territories .

2. - Presentation of works

Free topic works sent must have the following characteristics:

a) MP4 video format with H.264 codec and a 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720 square pixel resolution, at a speed of either25, 50 or 60 frames per second and progressive scanning.

b) All works must be subtitled in Spanish and/or English, as far as dialogues, voice over or texts are included.

c) Each participant will be allowed to present up to three works.

3. - Registration and submissions

Registration will be effective when the participant sends the following documents:

1) The entry form, which can be downloaded from the website ( ) and sent to the e-mail address, .If the original work is collective, it must be completed with the details of all authors .

2) A text document in Spanish with a short biography of the participant and a brief synopsis of the script

3) A frame extracted from the audiovisual work, maximum of 500Kb and in. jpg format which must not contain the title (other than initial frame ) or superimposed subtitles .

4) A video file as it is stated in point 2.

Submission of material can be done in any of these three ways:

a) Delivery at our centre office (C/ Buenaventura Iñiguez 18-20) of a DVD or pen drive with the four documents required for registration.

b) Delivery by mail to the address C/ Buenaventura Iñiguez 18-20, 31006, Pamplona of a DVD or pen drive with the four documents required for registration.

c) Sending an e-mail to with the subject Registration request for CECA 59” CTL, including your NAME and SURNAME and a link to download an ONLY folder named after the participant’s NAME AND SURNAME and which contains the four documents requested for registration. The file must be hosted in any of the following free services: Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Mega(1) o WeTransfer(1).

(1) Bear in mind that in those services links may expire and if the sending coincides with Christmas Holidays and we haven’t been able to download it , you will be requested to send it again.

The period for registration and submission of papers opens on Monday, October 20, 2014 and ends on January 31, 2015. Awards and Screening: March 2015. The list of finalist selected works will be published on the web

4 . - Development of competition

An initial assessment will be carried out by the selection committee of the organization ( CTL School of Image and Sound ), formed by Ismael San Juan and Ignacio Fernández Galindo, members IMAGE department in CTL . The task of the committee will be the selection, registration and databasing of the works, including the review of the videos, the checking of the correct fulfillment of the bases, the request for additional information if needed, and the delivery of the 30 selected works to the jury.

The jury is composed by the following members :
Chairman: Roberto Elizalde, director of CTL School of Image and Sound
Members: Mercedes Alvarez ( documentary filmmaker, and professor of Documentary Film Master Univ. Pompeu Fabra), Mannaïg Norel (director and editor), David Arratíbel (publicist and director of the documentary “Heard”), Juan San Martin (video producer) and Ana Herrera (executive director of “Punto de Vista” International Documentary Film Festival of Navarra)

Aim of the jury: The selection of the twelve finalist videos and the award winners (Prize for the Best Audiovisual work 2015 , Special Mention for the best work of a director of Navarra, and Special Mention for the best experimental)

The jury's decision is final and can declare any prize void or all of them. In case of doubt, the jury is free to interpret any criteria omissions which these bases may present.
The works authors will be informed in case they are finalists.

The awards ceremony and projection of the selected works will be published on stakeholders and posted on the website of the organization. The projection of the finalists’ and the winners’ works will take place at the Film Archive of Navarre.

5. - Awards The jury will award the following prizes:

a) Award for Best Audiovisual Creation 2015 " CTL 59 seconds " (Diploma and 1,000 Euros)

b ) Special Jury Award for Best Director of Navarra (Diploma)

c ) Special Jury Mention for best experimental work (Diploma) The names of the 30 selected works will be posted on the website of CTL on March 23, 2015 .

6. - Use and dissemination of work

The organization of the event will hold the right to display selected works exclusively in the context of the Contest, and reserves the right to collect and broadcast the works , always quoting the title and author , in all cases as promotional audiovisual material. Likewise, INAAC Foundation, partner of the Contest, shall also hold rights of collection and exhibition of the works for their dissemination within their cultural programming, unless expressly waive by the rights holder.

In the acceptance of the rules, filmmakers authorize the use of a fragment of his work and complementary

artwork for promotional broadcasting in the media, and the whole film dissemination on the website of the organization.
The intangible media works (files) will be removed as soon as the selection process is completed and the final list of winners announced, except for the finalists’ works that may spread through the web and in education as teaching material Center, safe from copyright.
By accepting Contest bases, the author of the work expressly confirms that his work has copyright and authorizations (writing, performing, music with or without lyrics, graphics, etc.) Notwithstanding, the organization of the contest is not legally responsible for any infringements of intellectual property which the authors may incur.

7. - Acceptance of terms

Participation in the COMPETITION will be publicly interpreted as acceptance of the rules.
COMPETITION Organization
- Organizer of the First International Audiovisual Creation " CTL 59 seconds "
Buenaventura Iñiguez Street , No. 20-18
Post Code 31006
Phone: (34) 948 29 17 56
Pamplona (Navarra)
Contact: Ignacio Fdez Galindo (coordinator of the Competition and Selection Committee member)

Paseo Antonio Perez Goyena , 3,
Film Library Building of Navarre (Pamplona) Technical collaboration Companies:
PUJOL Photo Studio

601 Audiovisual Productions

8. - Self-Regulation

Given the social commitment of CTL SCHOOL OF IMAGE AND SOUND with the universal values of tolerance, respect , equality and non-discrimination , the organization reserves the right not to admit those works taking part in the contest that may:

a) Include scenes showing any incitement or glorification of consumption of any drugs , drink or substance.

b) Include violent, sexist or inappropriate scenes or show in any form discriminatory ideas due to source, origin orgender, and any attitude that is against respect to children and people’s dignity.

c) Include scenes of extreme violence, either verbal or physical, or explicit sex.